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Subiect: Cum sa ai un landing page perfect optimizat onpage

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    Implicit Cum sa ai un landing page perfect optimizat onpage

    Un articol ultraproaspat, interesant de citit (util atat incepatorilor cat si celor mai avansati):

    Daca te pot ajuta cu un sfat sau daca doresti o oferta de optimizare pentru siteul tau, da-mi un mesaj!

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    Prea simplu ca sa fie aplicat
    Credinta la institutiile specializate. Aici facem Servicii de seo
    Mi se spunea 1nesco

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    Daca autoarea se refera la lp ca si pagina accesata din Google, atunci este un articol util.

    Insa lp-urile in general sunt facute pt vanzari.
    Majoritatea lor nu apar in cautari pentru ca rolul lor e sa converteasca,nu sa rankeze. ( campanii de publicitate )

    E greu sa le faci pe amandoua.

    (Zic io)

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    A landing page is the first web page your visitor sees after clicking on a link to your business’s website. It is not a page that is accessible through your website’s navigation; but rather can only be “landed onµ by clicking on a button on the main page or on a link from another source such as a social media ad or post.

    What Does a Landing Page Do?

    If optimized, the best landing pages should direct your visitor to take one specific action. Whether it is to get a visitor to fill out a lead form or get a visitor to buy something, the design of the landing page and the call to action on the page should be focused on directing the visitor to complete no more than one or at most, two offers.

    Types of Landing Pages

    There are two types of landing pages; pages that try to get visitors to buy something on the page (eCommerce), and pages that try to get visitors to provide their contact information so that a salesperson can follow up with them.

    6 Secrets to Landing Pages that Convert

    Below are 6 best practices to for high-converting landing pages and will turn your website into a lead generator for your business.

    1. Design and Content Consistency

    Regardless of whether the visitor came from an online ad, a link in an email, or a social media post, make sure the content of the landing page matches the content of the source. For example, if you run a social media ad about apples and you take the visitor to a landing page about oranges, the visitor is probably going to get confused and look for a different fruit stand.

    This applies not only to the text, but also to the look and feel of the landing page and ad when applicable. Colors and themes should all match to make the experience as seamless as possible for the visitor.

    2. Have Only One Call to Action

    If you have succeeded in enticing a visitor to your landing page, don’t confuse them with multiple calls to action. If you sent an email to your list of customers offering a free eBook that explains how to grow your own oranges, don’t also offer an option for an eBook on orange recipes.

    The visitor clicked on the link in your email because they wanted to know how to grow oranges; just give them what they want. Options confuse visitors. This also applies to landing page navigation options. It is a good idea to strip away any standard website navigation links to avoid having the visitor get distracted.

    3. Explain Your Offer

    Landing pages should be framed around some form of an offer. Don’t simply say: “Sign up to receive our emailµ. Why would anyone give an email address simply to receive email? Let a visitor know what they will get if they give you their information. Are you going to send them company updates? Useful information? Discounts? If so, communicate that in the offer.

    4. No Direct Sells

    Don’t try to complete the sale on the spot (unless it’s an eCommerce page). In an ideal world, you could put everything you know about your products or services on your website, visitors would read every single page, and then they would simply make an eCommerce purchase.

    The reality is that the sale of many goods and services requires a few encounters between the company and the prospect first. Visitors won’t read all of your content, and they will most likely need more information and more interaction with your business before making a purchase.

    Don’t ask someone buy 3 acres of an orange orchard. Instead, sign them up for a free webinar on orange farming and then follow up with those leads after the webinar to continue the sales process. Focus on building trust, not getting the sale.

    5. Place your Call to Action to catch attention

    The design of your landing page should lead your visitor’s eye instinctively to your call to action. It’s also a landing page best practice to surround your call to action with white space and position it above the fold. What does that mean?

    Just like newspapers, websites have an above-the-fold of a page area—it’s the area that you see on your screen before having to scroll down. Whether you asking for a phone call or the submission of a contact form, make sure the call to action is above the fold for a high converting landing page.

    6. Ask for the Bare Minimum

    It might be nice to know every single detail about a lead so that you can know exactly who you are talking to for a sales call. However, the more information you ask for, the smaller the number of visitors who will give you that information. Only ask for the bare minimum to:

    Qualify the lead – is this person interested in oranges or apples?
    Contact the lead – don’t ask for their address if you aren’t going to mail them something
    Maximize your chances of closing the sale – if knowing that a person has an orange juicer is going to help you close the deal in your sales call, it might be a legitimate question to ask
    Start putting your best foot forward by designing your landing pages around these tips and best practices.

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