So recently I've seen a ton of improvement in a site which I can attribute no other reason to the movement up in Yahoo but Adwords ads.

A site that was fixed in relative nowhereville, that I hadn't worked on in a while is now ranking very nicely in Yahoo for a solid keyword phrase of "golf swing trainer". When exploring the site, I'm seeing a ton of inbound links from areas that would have been an adwords ad.

Has anyone else seen anything like this and has anyone thought of this as a strategy to improve the performance of a site for their clients?

Just found this to be quite interesting and was hoping I could get feedback from anyone who might have noticed anything similar.
This is so true! I have seen this with MIVA listings for a while a min of 5 cents with a low click/clost volume, this is a much better bet instead of Yahoo/Adwords...

Yes. As a web publisher, we sometimes use XML feeds that generate static links from PPC advertisements. That means you can get inbound links from PPC advertising, especially with AdWords as Google is starting to work more and more with Publishers to show them more ways of implementing AdSense on their sites. If you use AdWords, this is an extra advantage to advertising on Content websites.

interesant. cititi si in continuare....

ce parere aveti? daca e cum se spune s-ar merita din punct de vedere al costurilor si seo sa faci asa ceva?